Car Wars of Meridian Event Dates and Times 3/15/2016 – Starts: 9:00 AM – Ends: 7:00 PM 3/16/2016 – Starts: 9:00 AM – Ends: 7:00 PM 3/17/2016 – Starts: 9:00 AM – Ends: 7:00 PM 3/18/2016 – Starts: 9:00 AM – Ends: 7:00 PM 3/19/2016 – Starts: 9:00 AM – Ends: 7:00 PM Bonita Lakes… Read More »


Cell Phone Safety   DO CELLULAR PHONES CAUSE MORE VEHICLE ACCIDENTS? It’s common knowledge that the number one cause of work-related fatalities is vehicle accidents. Most companies have at least one truck, if not a whole fleet of vehicles, and their drivers face the hazards of the roadway day after day. Sometimes a trip ends… Read More »


  SUPER BOWL 2016 February 7, 2016 Kickoff is at 5:30pm       And then there were two. The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers won their respective conferences and are set to face other in Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. The game will be televised on CBS, with Jim Nantz… Read More »


COLD MEDICATION & DROWSINESS Cold and flu season is here again. Now is a good time for our annual warning about using over-the-counter cold and flu medications during work hours. Sometimes, cold remedies and work are not a good mix. The most common side effect of over-the counter cold and flu medicine is drowsiness, which… Read More »