About Us

Working Solutions was founded in 2001 when our ownership team saw the need for a more personalized staffing experience.  Corporate staffing was bland and didn’t listen.  They wanted you to work with them…not them work FOR YOU.  It was on this belief that Working Solutions was created and has continued to provide “professional service…with a personal commitment.”  We have and always will, hold close our philosophy of customer focus.  We always keep our eyes on the prize–our client’s satisfaction.

Working Solutions offers staffing arrangements for industrial, clerical and professional placement scenarios.  We customize the experience for every client whether their need is for one person to work in the office or several hundred to work in a seasonal environment.  Our ideals are to partner with all clients and become an extension of your current hiring arrangement.

Through our comprehensive hiring process, our wealth of hiring knowledge, risk management practices and overall commitment to efficiency we can find the right piece to your employment puzzle.

For more information about how we can assist you in developing a strategy for hiring please contact us at one of our locations.

We look forward to proving solutions thru a philosophy of partnership!