6 Ways For Overcoming Procrastination at Work

6 Ways For Overcoming Procrastination at Work

Published: May 14, 2021, By Editorial Staff

Overcoming procrastination at work is crucial to be ahead in career competition.

There are several common misconceptions around chronic procrastinators: they simply don’t care about their work; they are lazy or distracted; they are selfish and don’t value other people’s times or deadlines. But all too often, people who procrastinate tend to care the most about their performance and can often place unrealistic goals or expectations of perfection on themselves that lead to anxiety and fear of failure when it comes to their tasks. Hence the procrastination at work. For many procrastinators (who are also often perfectionists), the mindset is, if you haven’t started yet, you haven’t failed.

Sadly, chronic procrastination typically turns into a self-fulfilling crisis where the procrastinator gets stuck in a vicious cycle of putting things off for fear of failure, rushing at the end to meet a deadline, and then the resulting failure or poor performance because of a hurried job.

If you’ve found yourself getting stuck in this procrastination rut at work, here are a few things you can do for overcoming procrastination and self-defeating behavior to break the cycle once and for all:

6 Ways For Overcoming Procrastination at Work | BioSpace

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