Working Solutions offers a variety of hiring options to fit your specific needs. Our clients will testify that we are extremely flexible and can move efficiently to assist your challenge. Many of our clients utilize multiple strategies to fit their business demand. By making Working Solutions part of your hiring strategy you will become more efficient and ultimately more effective.

  • Temporary Hire – Utilize Working Solutions to help with short term business demands, backfill in case of employee absence or other situations deemed “temporary”. These assignments can last one day or many months. This allows you to fill an individual need or expand and contract your workforce based on situation of need. Many times, our clients find the talent to be so exceptional that they make offers to these employees who were there for a “temporary” situation.

Working Solutions has a very risk driven hiring process designed to identify quality candidates that are eager to work hard and safe. All employees are recruited, screened and legally hired by Working Solutions. This affords our clients a risk management avenue. In addition, Working Solutions handles all risk associated with worker compensation and unemployment management.

  • Conditional Hire (Temp-to-Perm) – Imagine buying a car without driving it first. Most likely you wouldn’t do this. This is the exact scenario that plays out with Conditional Hire. Many of our clients utilize our services to evaluate candidates for long term employment opportunities. You provide us your job description and we get to work recruiting candidates that fits the need. We then funnel candidates thru selection processes to determine the top tier option(s). This option affords you the flexibility to make a decision without making a hiring commitment.

You pay nothing until we produce. This allows you to drive revenue, save money and enhance profitability while we work on your behalf.

  • Permanent Placement – Many of our clients desire for us to pre-screens and provide candidates for immediate hire by their firm. By utilizing our recruiting expertise and network we are able to provide pre-screened candidates to you at no cost. Most often, our clients seek professional level candidates (such as engineers, supervision and management) under this arrangement. We work strictly on contingency and do not charge for or services until we produce. Upon placement we operate on an agreed fee basis all backed by a placement guarantee.